Product Warranty – Consumer Products

One Year Limited Warranty

All Styqs products include a limited warranty period of 30 days, unless specified otherwise. Styqs warrants our products to be free of any defects in materials or workmanship that would prevent them from performing per their published product specifications for a 30 day period from the time of original purchase invoice.

Styqs will repair or replace products returned to our North American facility that are still within their limited warranty period. If Styqs repairs or replaces a product, its limited warranty period is not extended. This limited warranty is non transferable and valid only to you, the original registered end-user purchaser. Styqs products are intended for consumer use only, and are not intended for, nor warranted for commercial or industrial applications.

Excluded Items

This warranty does not apply to software utilities, any physical damage occurring by accident or through misuse, abuse, service work not authorized by Styqs, usage not in accordance with the usage instructions, excess electromagnetic fields, environmental conditions, data loss of applications, program files, audio and video files, or any other information stored on the Styqs USB drive product.