What is AutoSmart Analyzer?
How do I use AutoSmart?
How long can I record on the USB Styq
Can I get rid of Check Engine light?
Can I use the USB Styq to transport personal files?
Why can't I use other USB devices with my AutoSmart Analyzer?
Why use AutoSmart Analyzer?
Why does AutoSmart use USB?
Who are the common users of AutoSmart?
What is AutoSmart Analyzer?

AutoSmart Analyzer is the State of the Art On Board Automobile Programmable Diagnostic and Data logging Computer featuring the First Ever Removable USB Memory Storage.

AutoSmart easily plugs into the OBD-II plug of 1996 and newer vehicles that are OBD-II compliant. AutoSmart is a small on-board system that is placed in a vehicle to monitor and record all or selected number of your vehicle's sensors on a small Universal USB Styq. You can then simply take just the USB memory with you to any PC to replay recorded data, diagnose problems, see the interaction between different sensors, review driving behavior, check error log, remove check engine light and much more.

Your vehicle can provide you with wealth of information, if you have the right tool. AutoSmart is not just a right tool, but it is the most technologically advance system, but also the easiest product to use and the most portable device on the market.

Use the AutoSmart PC application to chart, graph and save recorded data on any PC, at your convenient. Use the same application to customize and program your AutoSmart to do specific function, like limiting the number of sensors being recorded.

How do I use AutoSmart? 

AutoSmart comes with everything you need and it is extremely user-friendly. Simply plug one end of the OBD-II cable to your vehicles OBD-II port, and the other end of the cable to your AutoSmart Analyzer.

Attach the AutoSmart using the provided Velcro under the dash, plug in the provided USB Styq and drive. It is that simple.

When you are ready to review your recorded data, unplug your USB Styq and take it to any PC that has an available USB plug, and review your recorded data using the provided AutoSmart Application.

How long can I record on the USB Styq?

One of the most unique features of AutoSmart is that you never have to worry about running out of storage space. If one of your USB Styqs gets full, just insert another one and keep recording.

Each vehicle reports different number of sensors and you can also pick and choose how many sensors you want to record. Recording time depends on the number of sensors and the capacity of you USB Styq. On an average vehicle, a 64MB USB can record over a 1,000 hours of data.

After reviewing or downloading your logged data, you can always delete the old data from your USB and start all with a fresh Styq.

Can I get rid of the Check Engine light?

Yes, AutoSmart will tell you the cause of check engine light and allows you to turn of your check engine light. Be aware that if the problem is not fixed, your check engine light will turn on again.

Can I use the USB Styq to transport personal files?

Yes, the USB Styq provided with your AutoSmart package can be used with any PC and can record documents, music, pictures, presentations and much more.

Why can't I use other USB devices with my AutoSmart Analyzer?

There is some imbedded technology on your USB Styqs to allow certain communication between AutoSmart and the USB Styq. Generic USB devices do not have this technology and the use of them with AutoSmart can permanently damage your AutoSmart.

Additional Styqs can be purchased through www.autosmartanalyzer.com or www.styqs.com.

Why use AutoSmart Analyzer?

1. All in one intelligence device. No need to buy three separate devices to Analyze, Record and Program.
2. Small yet powerful. Smaller than almost any OBD II product in the market, yet powerful enough to do the job of multiple products.
3. Conveniently accessible in the car, yet it can be easily mounted under the dash and out of your way. No more clumsy and bulky hand held devices, no more Laptops, and no more dangling cables in front of your feet, putting you in danger while driving.
4. The only product known to utilize USB removable storage.

Why does AutoSmart use USB?

1. USB memory storage is the most common universal memory storage device on the market. Virtually all PCs have a USB port, which will eliminate the need for special cables and proprietary hardware and software.
2. Utilizing USB as a removable storage will allow you virtually unlimited storage, so you can continue recording/logging data from your car's main computer (ECU/ECM) without having the limitation of time. No more pausing and deleting previously recorded informative data.
3. High capacity and fast data transfer rates allow you to record all your cars sensors at once. No more limiting how many sensors you are allowed to record.
4. Small and easily portable. Just hang it on your key ring, stick it in your pocket. External housing will protect your data from mild and minor shock and impact.

Who are the common users of AutoSmart?

Performance Enthusiasts:

Do you really want to drive around on or off the track with a laptop in the vehicle, or holding a hand held device to program or record your vehicles data. How about taking a passenger around with you to hold down you laptop or hand held device and try to read and program while you are driving. Or, you try to be safe and tune your car in a shop on a Dyno, which is nowhere near the real world environment.

Just like the professional racecars, log all your vehicle data and review, analyze, chart and make adjustments at your convenience. Record as little or as long as you need on a small portable USB Styq, then take it to any pc or laptop and know exactly what your vehicle was doing at each point. Make your adjustments and even use AutoSmart to program your vehicles main computer for the optimum performance.

Weather you are road racing, drag racing or just want tune your vehicle for the best and optimum performance, AutoSmart is your all in one solution.

Professional Service mechanics:

Does your customer complain about a problem that you cannot reproduce in the shop? Do you waste precious time driving around in the customer's vehicle trying to reproduce the problem, and still end up without being able to reproduce the problem? This is both frustrating for you and your customer.

With AutoSmart, you can record hours and weeks of data, without inconveniencing the customer. Just install the small device under the dash and record days and weeks until the problem occurs again. You will not only know what the vehicle did at the time of the problem, but what lead into the problem.

Your customer can even email you the data, using the simple to use USB Styq.

Do it yourself mechanics:

Once device does it all. No more using one device to read error codes and erase check engine light, another unit to record limited amount of data and yet another pc/laptop based device to chart, graph and review data.

Use the data the professionals use to know what your vehicle is telling you, but the convenience of taking the device anywhere you go and record for as long as you need. Get error codes, engine parameters, intake manifold pressure and much more with the simple to use AutoSmart Analyzer.

Take the guesswork out of the repair and tuning your car and know exactly what is going on with your vehicle, at any time that is convenient for you.

Fleet Managers:

Are you hoping that your fleet drivers are treating the vehicle properly, or are you using one of those data loggers with limited storage space. How about the expensive GPS systems to track the driver's average speed, but not knowing about hard acceleration, deceleration and abuse.

With AutoSmart, you don't need to worry about limited memory, or having to buy one unit for each driver and having to download before the next driver takes over.

One AutoSmart for each vehicle is all you need. Each driver will have his or her own inexpensive USB Styq that records hours of driving.

You can Record all sensors or just the ones you need to monitor the driving behavior.

You can even set limits on speed and program the unit to alarm the driving if they have exceeded the speed or other pre-set limits.

Parents of young drivers:

We all want to help our children and teach them proper driving behavior, but we can not be with them all the time.

You can record and review the driving behavior, even set maximum speed, rpm and other limits, so they are warned audibly and learn to monitor themselves.

Several auto insurance companies are giving discounts to parents who have a way to monitor the new drivers.

Gadget lovers:

Do you know what your engine want to tell you? Do you know what your transmission temp. was towing your toys for hours on a long distance? Do you want to make adjustments to get more power and better mileage?

Have a gadget that actually does something. Your engine is ready to share a wealth of information with you, even tell you if it is time to replace your air filter.

No other OBD-II device can deliver all-in-one Scanning, Programming and Data logging, all with a use of a simple USB memory Styq.