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Laguna Niguel, California, November 5, 2005 – SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) considered the Mecca of the $31 billion industry has proudly presented AutoSmart Analyzer with the Prestigious International New Products Award at its third annual SEMA International Media Awards of 2005.  AutoSmart Analyzer has been selected by a panel of respected international media judges to receive this prestigious honor.

AutoSmart Analyzer by Styqs, Inc. is an all in one automotive Diagnostic, Data logger, Scanner, Error Code Reader and Engine Programmer, It is the first to ever use removable USB storage for the ultimate flexibility, convenience and ease of use.

Years in development, AutoSmart uses the latest powerful computing hardware, high capacity storage devices, and state of the art embedded software to provide unparalleled programmability and functionality utilizing the OBD-II plug that has been a standard port in all vehicles since 1996.  AutoSmart allows the user to log all available engine information for virtually unlimited number of hours all on a small universal USB storage device.  When you are ready to review the recorded data, you simple remove the small USB Styq and plug it into any PC to review and analyze the data.   

“Not only can you record, diagnose and see what is a potential problem, you can get rid of those pesky check engine lights that keep you from passing smog tests” says Ramin Razavi, President and CEO of Styqs, Inc.” even a simple loose gas cap can cause the check engine light to go on, and the dealer will charge you close to a $100.00 or more to diagnose and turn it off.  With AutoSmart, not only you know what is wrong, but maybe you can fix those small problems and save yourself time and money”.

About Styqs

Styqs, Inc. founded in 2003 is an innovative design and manufacturing company, which specializes in combining state of the art computer technology with today’s advance automotive engine management system.  Further information for Auto Enthusiast, Automotive Service Center, OEMs, Distributors and Retailers: Contact Styqs, Inc.  30251 Golden Lantern, Suite E-406, Laguna Niguel, Ca  92677 (888) 797-8977



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