Styqs, Inc. is an innovative design and manufacturing company, which specializes in combining state of the art computer technology with today's advanced automotive engine management systems.

Years in development, AutoSmart is the world's first and only portable, programmable OBD-II diagnostic, data logging and engine programming device with unlimited removable storage.  AutoSmart uses the latest powerful computing hardware, high capacity storage devices, and state of the art embedded software to provide unparalleled programmability and functionality in such a low cost, easy to use device. Designed to plug-in quickly and easily to the OBD-II port without needing external power connections or batteries, AutoSmart is ready in seconds to provide you access to the wealth of diagnostic and performance information your car can provide. When you have finished, simply remove the USB Styqs Memory Device, plug it into your PC's USB port, and you get full access to the data analysis and programming capabilities of AutoSmart.  The AutoSmart universal memory Styqs can record days and weeks of data and can be carried on your keychain for easy access at any time. It all adds up to powerful technology in a small, portable, easy to use package at an incredibly affordable price.